Changelog 2013

2013 Build 36

  • Problem toggle bill of materials solved.
  • Holding Shift when left clicking for the second point of a connection line will add a connection node automatically.
  • Automatically drawing a connection line after the command when two port are selected.
  • Documents folder added to the library (Documents are shown with the menu option Documents in Help).
  • Problem not using the selected language in the bill of materials on the drawing solved.
  • Problem zoom extents with hidden item numbers solved.
  • Text border setting is saved.
  • Text align in multi-line text can be used.

2013 Build 35

  • Problem AutoSave to pdf solved.
  • Indication of errors in the schematic diagram when exporting to Hydroman improved.

2013 Build 34

  • Connection lines can be drawn without selecting an existing end point (a hidden connection node will be added automatically).
  • Multiple network configuration files can be used. For example one for a local library and one for a network server library.
  • Zoom All can be done by double click with the middle mouse button.
  • Zoom All can be done by holding the shift key and double click with the left mouse button.
  • Changeable text styles added for texts, ports, attributes and item numbers.
  • User defined text style added.
  • Indication of errors in the schematic diagram when exporting to Hydroman improved.
  • Not updating drawing after selecting a different line weight solved.
  • Automatic export of the drawing to pdf when closing a file.
  • Problem showing attributes that were made hidden solved.

2013 Build 33

  • When browsing to a data sheet that is not in the library, it can be copied to the library automatically.
  • The insertion point of a symbol is used as origin when the symbol is inserted in another symbol.
  • Quantity option added for accessories of IBorders.

2013 Build 32

  • Problem with missing extensions and save as when the extensions of known file types are hidden solved.
  • Wrong velocity value in connection lines solved.

2013 Build 31

  • Double files in pack and save of components removed.
  • Preferred faces can be specified when exporting a schematic diagram to Hydroman.
  • Indication of missing connections/missing files when exporting to Hydroman improved.
  • Possibility to open a pdf directly after saving the drawing added.
  • Not functioning Hydroman file browse button when Hydroman file is empty solved.
  • Possibility to add pictures to the drawing added.
  • DWG export of the drawings.
  • Hide in Output option added to the change port properties.
  • Flow and velocity attributes and direction of flow indicator added to connection lines.
  • Connection Line favorites editor added.
  • Moving Attributes, Ports and Item numbers in a schematic diagram with Shift+Arrow keys.
  • Align text objects with attributes made possible.
  • Align attributes in one symbol made possible.
  • Align attributes in a symbol with other text objects or attributes made possible.
  • Command for moving all connection line attributes at once added.
  • Missing text and attributes when selecting a drawing header file solved.
  • Error message when adding the same file to the drawing more than once.
  • DWG files can be added to the drawing.
  • Shut Off valves can be made solid (closed) in a schematic diagram.
  • Connection lines can be used without group colors in the drawings.
  • Automatically word wrapping in multi-line text is removed.
  • Multiple server support for the library server refresh command.

2013 Build 30

  • Problem opening non Unicode component file solved.

2013 Build 29

  • Slow response after moving objects solved.

2013 Build 28

  • Undefined line types in groups changed to solid when printing.
  • Unicode support for hydraulic diagrams and descriptions.
  • When removing an accessory from a component,the corresponding item number in the hydraulic diagram will be removed after confirmation.
  • What is new added to the Help menu.
  • Option “Closed” added to Ports.
  • Possibility to install a library refresh service on a network server.
  • Ctrl+Tab shortcut added (switch between open files).
  • Unexpected moving symbol when replacing more symbols at once solved.
  • Size copied to article code database.
  • Go button set as a default (enter key) in select from article code database.
  • Sometimes not showing menu option “List components using this symbol” solved.
  • Showing unexpected jump when moving a connection node solved.
  • Maximum number of preview icons in the search commands can be set.

2013 Build 27

  • Problem saving a file that is opened by another user as Read-Only solved.
  • Last used file type when saving the drawing will be set as default.
  • Button added for directly saving the drawing as the last used file type.
  • Files in Borders folder are also searched in sub folders.
  • Unexpected message cannot find file in Borders folder solved.

2013 Build 26

  • Open files are locked for other users.
  • Color selection added to the Export to DXF function.
  • Color settings dialog changed.
  • Problem not visible library after moving the splitter to the most right position solved.
  • Password proxy server hidden.
  • Sorting bill of materials with item numbers that have numbers and characters, for example, A1, A2, A12, improved.
  • Item numbers are made “Hide In Output”when the number is empty.
  • Usage of preset item numbers in component and symbols improved.
  • Tab pages of components changed to Main and Accessories.
  • Accessories are shown below the Main component in the bill of materials, even if an item number is not used.
  • Selection whether accessories should get an automatic item numbers added.
  • Select Default Button added to the select drawing header dialog.
  • Missing file type in save as drawing when known file types are hidden and the file name is changed solved.
  • Sub Item Numbers added to the Bill of Materials editor.
  • Selected components in the Bill of Materials editor are highlighted in the drawing.
  • Creating of a hydraulic diagram from a .csv file based on article codes.
  • Deleting single objects with connection lines easier (connection lines are deleted automatically).

2013 Build 25

  • Single quote problem in ToDo List when exporting to Hydroman solved.

2013 Build 24

  • Showing empty program attributes in the bill of materials solved.

2013 Build 23

  • Not saving component descriptions after add a new description solved.
  • Multiple layouts possible when printing the bill of materials.
  • User layout definition possible for the bill of materials.
  • Search in library changed.
  • Configuration files moved to roaming folder.
  • Connection closed gracefully message in internet library solved.
  • Using a proxy server for Internet access added.

2013 Build 22

  • Necessary double click when selecting an object from the library for the first time solved.
  • Groups sorted when exporting to Hydroman.
  • Rectangled orifices can be set as a standard in the network settings.
  • Problem opening new empty (0 bytes) .hdf files solved.

2013 Build 21

  • Printing of missing Emergency Button Top of solenoids.
  • Create new .hfc files added to the standard New menu during installation.
  • Create new .hdf files added to the standard New menu during installation.
  • Create new .sym files added to the standard New menu during installation.
  • Additional files possibility added to the Pack and Save function.
  • Problem multiple layouts added to the .zip file in the Pack and Save function solved.

2013 Build 20

  • Viewer installed during setup.
  • Paper size added in drawing head.
  • Item numbers can be kept when replacing components in a schematic
  • Browser extended with showing more information from schematics.
  • Calculation of total price in BOM with quantity >1 corrected.