Changelog 2017

2017 Build 73

  • Problem switching to multi line text when adding a new single line text to a schematic solved.
  • Quantity can be changed for BOM only components.
  • Users fields can be added to components without changing program settings.
  • All user fields in a schematic can be added to the bill of materials (not only the ones in the program settings).
  • Problem ordering accessories in the bill of materials solved.
  • Align Text can be used for text in 1 symbol.
  • Function to show the location of a file in the library added.

2017 Build 72

  • Problem moving and zooming of hide in output I-Borders solved.
  • Groups of connection lines of symbols in a schematic can easily be changed.
  • Line styles of connection lines of symbols in a schematic can easily be changed.

2017 Build 71

  • ShortcutShift+L added to the function “Replace with selected component in library”.
  • Refresh button added to the library dialog.
  • Overlapping I-Border lines are not drawn.
  • Sometimes not moving joined objects when joining to another object solved.
  • Automatic item numbers improved.
  • Release function for I-Borders added.
  • OSnap added for I-Ports.
  • I-Borders are automatically attached to other I-Borders.
  • When stretching I-Border edges, attached I-Borders are moved simultaneously.
  • Problem not consolidating accessories in bill of materials solved.
  • Delete command improved.

2017 Build 70

  • Problem typing multi-line text in I-Port properties solved.
  • Article code added to the function find in schematic.
  • IO error when importing online symbols solved.

2017 Build 69

  • Usage of main groups and sub groups added (video example).
  • Sub groups can be added automatically to objects in an I-Border (video example).
  • When replacing a component in a schematic, the orientation of the symbol is kept (if possible).
  • Attributes are cleared when replacing components with symbols in a schematic.
  • Find in schematic function (Ctrl+F) added.
  • Shortcut for function “List components using this symbol” changed to Ctrl+Alt+F.
  • Option added to save CSV files of the bill of materials as plain ASCII file.
  • Sometimes not showing match properties for connection lines in the popup menu solved.
  • Shortcut for grid mode changed to F7
  • Shortcut for ortho mode changed to F8.
  • Shortcut for snap mode changed to F9.
  • Losing attribute in components when copying data from the library for accessories solved.
  • Send to back option added for images in a schematic.
  • Function for drawing a non-fixed sized hose component in a schematic added.
  • Option added for capitalizing the bill of materials in the output.
  • Main and subgroups can be cleared of all objects in an I-Border.
  • All objects in an I-Border can be copied to the clipboard.
  • All objects in an I-Border can be selected.

2017 Build 68

  • User defined color added to drawing objects.
  • Problem with long month notation in revision history solved.
  • Not showing new port names in the component editor when an alternative symbol is added to a component solved.
  • Option to re-order sheets in multi sheets schematic added.
  • Not highlighting selected components in the bill of materials editor solved.
  • Copy from library added to the component editor.
  • Function to select all objects in an I-Border added.
  • Function to copy all objects in an I-Border to the clipboard added.
  • Function to remove all colors of all objects in an I-Border added.
  • Improved dxf import.

2017 Build 67

  • Problem drawing very small arcs solved.

2017 Build 66

  • Problem printing for domain users solved.

2017 Build 65

  • Problem printing when a filename ends with multiple dots solved.
  • Option to copy data from the library to accessories added.
  • Problem typing a value when creating a new attribute solved.
  • Sometimes not aligning text at x coordinates solved.
  • Not possible to change multi line text in grouped objects with double click solved.
  • Usage of the delete button when changing lists added.
  • Easier typing special characters in tables added.
  • Borders can be added to texts, attributes, ports, i-ports and connection line variables.
  • Position in the drawing of not-middle aligned text objects are more close to the position on the screen.
  • Offset to the cell border of texts in table cells slightly increased in some situations to prevent that the texts hit the cell borders.

2017 Build 64

  • Multiple data sheet folders can be used.
  • Problem I-Line in symbols solved.

2017 Build 63

  • User fieldsadded to components(video example).
  • Drawing speed while moving objects increased.
  • Problem with non-Unicode files solved.
  • Local components can use online symbols.

2017 Build 62

  • Problem mirroring and rotating arrows of item numbers solved.
  • Ignoring the OSnap setting when using J (join) solved.
  • Function for automatically adding help symbols when inserting directional valve symbols added(video example).
  • Connection nodes, I-Ports and connection lines are scaled.
  • Array or pattern copy function added(video example).
  • Sometimes not showing the Join command in the popup menu solved.
  • Sometimes not showing the Paste command in the popup menu solved.

2017 Build 61

  • Rarely error with list of components using this symbol solved.
  • Search results limited to 20.
  • Missing Hydroman reference after replace component data solved.
  • Automatic item numbers improved.
  • Loosing I-Port names after update symbol solved.

2017 Build 60

  • Components plus added to the online library.
  • Problem selecting a new, with the C key, made connection line solved.
  • Sometimes not refreshing I-Ports on I-Borders after moving the I-Ports solved.
  • Problem attaching objects to an I-Port after deleting objects attached to that I-Port solved.

2017 Build 59

  • Import solenoid information to a table in a schematic added(video example).
  • Notes added to revision triangles.
  • Import hose information to a table in a schematic added (video example).
  • Multi line option added to I-Ports.
  • Multi line option added to Ports.
  • Sometimes not showing symbol after turning on a layer solved.
  • Switching between single-line and multi-line text always allowed.
  • Fixed date that is used for all output added to the project properties.
  • Default path for creating manifolds added.
  • Manually added connection nodes that don’t have a function anymore will not be deleted automatically.
  • Problem sometimes missing undo file solved.
  • Hose table added.
  • Hose connection table added.

2017 Build 58

  • Usage of layers to hide parts of a schematic in the output added.
  • When placing revision triangles, the text height of the text style is used.
  • Problem importing Excel table with multiple merged cells solved.
  • Insert in schematic added when using “List of components using this symbol”.
  • Online components can be added to I-Ports.
  • Replace component data function added.

2017 Build 57

  • Not showing some symbols in the online library solved.
  • Improved license checking.

2017 Build 56

  • Alternative symbols added to the online library.
  • Function for replacing the selected object in a schematic with the selected library object added. This function can be accessed with a popup menu in the library and a popup menu in the schematic.
  • Missing German and Dutch translations added.

2017 Build 55

  • Disappearing symbol name in expert options when adding accessories solved.
  • Zero length lines when printing ports marked as hide in output removed.
  • The font name specified in the layout of the bill of materials is used when printing with a layout file.
  • Revision triangle symbol added.
  • Function to remove all revision triangles added.
  • Function to remove only specific revision triangles added.
  • Joining symbols with symbols with many similar join places improved.
  • User setting of the default size of revision triangles added.
  • Problem sometimes using incorrect position when replacing joined symbols solved.
  • Missing parts of online symbols solved.
  • Locking article code data base solved.

2017 Build 54

  • Missing data when inserting from article code data base solved.

2017 Build 53

  • Problem inserting from article code data base solved.
  • Not drawing rectangle orifices solved.

2017 Build 52

  • Do not rotate texts option when rotating symbols in a schematic added.
  • Do not rotate attributes option when rotating symbols in a schematic added.
  • Join components with I-Ports added.