Changelog 2018

2018 Build 81

  • Not correct mirroring hoses solved.
  • Modifying all attributes at once disabled in a symbol file to prevent disappearing of the attributes.
  • Automatic help symbol added for 3/2 valves with B, P and T ports.
  • Unwanted mirroring cartridge covers solved.
  • Function for easy modifyinga symbol in a schematic added (Edit symbol, shortcut E).

2018 Build 80

  • Option for skipping columns in Excel profiles for exporting the bill of materials to Excel added.
  • Block names in DXF output of the schematic diagram for multiple sheet diagrams changed.
  • Displaying a warning message after importing a DXF or DWG file with an apparently incorrect scaling.

2018 Build 79

  • Problem not printing electric information of objects that are hidden in output solved.

2018 Build 78

  • When inserting a symbol in a symbol, all attributes are made visible.
  • Speed of generating a large bill of materials on the drawings improved.
  • Solved problem moving texts (attributes and item numbers) with a mouse click when the option “use Ctrl for multi select” is set.
  • Sandwiches are mirrored automatically when “DV Top” is selected.
  • Not updating some connection lines after stretching an I-Border solved.
  • Properties of objects in the drawing preview are shown alphabetically.
  • Electric function object added. Information added to the properties of these objects can be included in the solenoid table.

2018 Build 77

  • Second and third item number are kept when replacing a component.
  • Simple Excel export (without profiles) from the print preview of the bill of materials restored.

2018 Build 76

  • Sometimes missing Excel button in the bill of materials editor solved.
  • Missing I-Border line in rare cases solved.

2018 Build 75

  • Problem with missing directories after starting the program solved.

2018 Build 74

  • Title row can be placed at the bottom of the bill of materials on the drawing.
  • Item number import added to the create diagram from list function.
  • Problem use group colors for connection lines when printing a schematic solved.
  • Option to show only brief information in the library added.
  • Files older than 14 days are deleted from the rescue folder.
  • Usage of export profiles added to the Excel export of the bill of materials.
  • Extra remark field added to the hose properties.
  • Separator between main item number and sub number can be set.
  • Drawing I-Lines continues automatically until a right-clickis made.
  • Problem removing second item number solved.