Export manifold to HydroMan

Export part of your hydraulic diagram to HydroMan to design a manifold.


  1. Select the I-Border
  2. Right-click the I-border and navigate to: I-Border  Create Hydroman File…​

  3. Change configuration (see Configuration options) and press OK when you’re ready to export.
  4. If there are any issues with your HydroMan file it will give you errors. For example; if a sub-group is used on multiple connections; all connections need unique sub-groups for exporting to HydroMan.
  5. If everything went OK, HydroMan should open and you can start designing. Please see the attached HydroMan – Quickstart.pdf for the most used functions.

Configuration options

The 'Create HydroMan File' dialog offers several options to customize the generated HydroMan file.

Create HydroMan File dialog

Select mode for create the file

  • Start from scratch – use HydroMan’s default template
  • Use a template – use a template from your library
  • Update an existing manifold file – Update a file previously exported from HydroSym to apply changes.


  • Create ToDo list only – when exported you’ll start with an empty manifold and all parts in a ToDo list.

  • Open created Hydroman file automatically – Opens HydroMan directly after exporting.
  • Ask to open the created Hydroman file – asks whether to open HydroMan after exporting or not.
  • Use single quotes for hole texts – port engravings will be shown on the drawing as MB instead of “MB”, and in the drilling list as 'MB' instead of "MB"
  • Use faces that are set in the components – if you have already defined component locations in HydroSym (using F after selecting a component), it will export to HydroMan to that face.
  • Place not defined components on the manifold – if faces are used; it will place all undefined components directly on the manifold after exporting; otherwise they go into the ToDo list.
  • Use only hole texts (don’t add text to remark) – doesn’t indicate the port engraving in the drilling list; only on the drawing.


  • Non-US Hydroman files (metric) – Exports patterns with metric threads
  • US Hydroman files (inch) – Exports patterns with UNC threads