Building your own library

There are multiple ways to build your own library.

The easiest way is to go to the online library and search a similar symbol. In this example a 4 / 3 directional valve. Select the symbol and then use the right mouse click.

Alternatieve tekst

Select “import to local library” or “import to local library and open”. Follow the instructions. The symbol will be saved in the same structure as the online library.

If the symbol is opened you can make the changes you need and save the under a different file name.

Got to the local tab and to the symbols tab. Select the symbol you have saved then use the right mouse click and select create new component. Here you can add data for example the datasheet. Save the new component in your local library in the folder of your choice. Refresh the library when asked or by right mouse in the library.

You also can a create a new symbol at File-> new symbol and follow the same steps as above only without the import part.

The local tab is your own library and you can arrange this how you want. The only demands are that the symbols are at …..\Symbols and the components at …..\Components where the …. Are the path you have installed the library. For example C:\PARO\Libraries\ .