Tutorial: Getting started

HydroSym is a stand-alone software program to create hydraulic diagrams. Hydraulic schematics in HydroSym can be complete diagrams with motors, pumps, cylinders, valves etc. or schematics can be just a diagram of a manifold. The manifolds can be exported to HydroMan if it is desired to design the manifold. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a simple hydraulic diagram. The simple hydraulic diagram which will be created, is shown in the top figure below. First a complete tutorial of the simple hydraulic diagram is given in which the most used functions are explained. The second part of the tutorial is about creating a schematic in which slip-in cartridge valves and sandwich plates are used. The final schematic of this tutorial is shown in the lower figure below. The second tutorial starts at page 39, Tutorial: Slip-in cartridge valves and sandwich plates. If there are any problems, feel free to contact us. For any question you have, we are happy to explain them and if necessary give a personal demonstration.

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