Shortcut Action Shortcut Action
[Ctrl + A] Select All Double click Change properties
[Ctrl + B] Browse [Alt + Enter] Properties selected element
[Ctrl + C] Copy to clipboard Middle mouse or [Shift + Left mouse] Pan drawing area
[Ctrl + L] Toggle Library [Ctrl + N] New file
[Ctrl + O] Open file Right click List with possible actions
[Ctrl + S] Save file
[Ctrl + V] Paste from clipboard [D] or [Delete] Delete element
[Ctrl + X] Cut to clipboard [L] Draw line
[Ctrl + Z] Undo [M] Move element
[Ctrl + F4] Close file [N] Draw item number
[Ctrl + F] Find [F8] Toggle orthogonal mode
[Alt + F4] Close program [P] Draw port
[R] Draw rectangle
[F12] Save as [T] Trim/extend line
[V] Move text
[A] Match text properties [Shift + A] Add attribute
[C] Draw connection line [Shift + S] Stretch
[Shift + I] Insert component in schematic [Shift + T] Add text
[J] Join components [Shift + W] Draw filled arrow
[U] Unjoin components [Ctrl + T] Change text
[X] Align X [Ctrl] Copy while moving/mirroring
[Y] Align Y
[Shift + C] Redraw connection line [Enter] Repeat last draw command
[Shift + M] Move joined symbols separate [Escape] Clear selection
[Shift + X] Align text X [Space] Move/Rotate while moving
[Shift + Y] Align text Y [Arrow keys] Move selected items
[Shift + D] Delete item number [Shift + Arrows] Move text in component
[Shift + L] Replace with selected in lib Click twice Resize element
[Ctrl + R] Replace component [F7] Toggle grid
[Ctrl + Alt + F] Replace with similar component [F9] Toggle ‘Snap to grid’
[W] Zoom fit window
[Shift + Space] Move joined symbols separate [Home] or [Shift + Double click] Zoom to fit
[Insert] Insert component in schematic [Backspace] Zoom to previous
[Ctrl + 0] Grid dynamic
[F3] Toggle object snap [Ctrl + 1] Grid size 10
[Shift +O] Offset [Ctrl + 2] Grid size 20
[Ctrl + 8] Grid size 80