Multi Sheet Schematics

Multiple Sheet Option

A situation can occur when a schematic diagram within a selected ISO print size (for example A3) is completely full, however the schematic is not finished yet. It is then possible to add another ISO print sheet to work in and continue your schematic. For example the following:

image (1)

When a schematic diagram needs to be continued but there is no space left to continue on the same sheet there is an option in Hydrosym to show that the drawing is being continued on another sheet/page. To make this clear the following example has been made:

image (2)

Here you can see an example from the last image. In the left we have the full sheet which can not be used to continue the drawing. Therefore another ISO sheet has been added to the right of the schematic. As you can see, the parts have been connected but the connection line intersects the area between the two pages. To solve this problem the following option can be used:

image (3)

Right click on the line that intersects both pages. Click on the option ‘Insert Connection Line Break’. Hydrosym will ask you if you wish to use the auto break function, choose Yes:

image (4)

The auto break option is much easier to use. It will automatically choose 2 reference points. You will see that Hydrosym then makes a reference that shows that the schematic is being continued on the right page. Do the same for the other connection line. The following option will appear:

image (5)

Again, choose Yes. Hydrosym will recognize that the last line you selected is connected to the same component as the first connection line. Therefore the option for combining the break line

with an existing break line is being shown. The reference will look like the following:

image (6)

In this way, it is possible to continue your drawing on another ISO sheet when your first sheet is full and make this clear in your drawing. Another option that is related to this subject is that you can easily switch from page 1 to page 2 and to an overall image of all sheets. In the left bottom section of the screen you will find 3 options, looking like this:

image (7)

If you click ‘Sheet 1’ the part of the schematic will appear that is assigned to the first sheet. The lines that normally would cross the two pages now stops at the reference point that has just been inserted. The same will happen for the other ISO sheet if you click ‘Sheet 2’. The option ‘All’ will give you an overall view of both sheets.

When the print option is selected Hydrosym recognizes the Break Lines and automatically adjusts the print page. In the bottom left we can find the different sheet options again. Next to ‘Sheet 1’, ‘Sheet 2’ and ‘All’ there is another option called ‘Layout 4’:

image (8) Left bottom: ↓ Top Right: →

image (9)

When one of the first three options is selected we can see in the top right corner the Paper Size and Sheet can not be selected. This is because these dimensions have already been defined in the schematic. When the option ‘Layout 4’ is selected, the Paper Size can be selected as well as the Sheet that needs to be printed. This option can be used if the selected sheet or the ISO size of the paper has to be changed for printing.